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About us

     All aboard!

     We grew up riding the NYC subway, which is clunky, dirty, hot, crowded and noisy.

     By contrast, SunRail is clean, sleek, smooth and comfortable.

     While we're not affiliated with the management of SunRail, or the Florida Department of Transportation, we launched this web site because we're ethusiastic fans of SunRail, and we hope you are too. Please explore this site as you ride the Rail.

     www.SunRailRiders.com is much more more than a site about riding a train, because SunRail is much more than a ride to work.

     SunRail is a game changer for Central Florida. It's a way of life and reshapes our community by connecting people and places from Volusia County, through downtown Orlando, down to Kissimmee.

     Already thousands of riders have made new friends aboard the train, and SunRail has made it much easier to explore restaurants, museums and attend social events up and down the line.

       SunRail riders are a special breed. They are better informed than average residents, and most importantly they are open to new things and change.

       On this site and on our @Sunrailriders Twitter feed and Sunrailriders - Florida Facebook page you'll get information about transportation alternatives here and around the world, ways to have fun in our SunRail communities, and also special opportunities to save money.

      www.Sunrailrider.com is owned and managed by David Porter Communications Inc. You can contact us at info@SunRailRiders.com, or 407-965-0080, P.O. Box 592495, Orlando, FL 32859.
      See you on the Rail!