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What a difference a day makes.

One of the accompanying photos shows what the Sand Lake Road SunRail station looks like on a busy weekday during normal train opefrations. The other photo shows what that same station looks like on a weekend when the SunRail train isn't running.

The SunRail bosses are currently conducting a rider survey and preparing a "white paper" report to determine if weekend service makes sense. We think any SunRail rider and many people who would like to ride but haven't had a chance (because the train only runs weekdays) can tell those SunRail bosses that the demand for weekend train service is huge.

Instead of telling the SunRail bosses, this week SunRail riders and fans have a unique opportunity to demonstrate the gigantic demand for weekend SunRail service. This coming Friday (Black Friday) -- the day after Thanksgiving -- is almost like a weekend day because many people will be off from work and school.

So make believe that Black Friday is a Saturday, and let's all ride SunRail to the places we would visit on a Saturday if SunRail ran on the weekend.

We need lots of help to make a big impression on SunRail bosses. If you usually ride SunRail and you're off from work on Friday, please ride. Get all your neighbors and coworkers to ride. Got folks visiting from out of town? Bring them with you. OK, so SunRail is probably not quite as magical as the Hogwarts Express, but getting SunRail on a 7-day schedule will transform the way we spend our weekends and leisure time. Imagine riding SunRail to magic games and the new Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, as well as restaurants, museums, farmers markets and other events throughout Central Florida.

If you've never had a chance to ride Sunrail because of your work schedule, Black Friday is the perfect day to check out our $1 billion train system.

When you ride SunRail, be sure to document your adventure. Most importantly buy your ticket at the station vending machine (hopefully they'll be working correctly) and then tap your ticket on the platform validator when you get on and off the train. Accurate passenger counts are imperative.

Also please document your SunRail adventure by posting pictures to Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter we've embraced the hashtag #RideBlkFLa to share our SunRail adventures. You can Tweet to us at @Sunrailriders and our Facebook page is Sunrailriders-Florida.

Allow us to suggest a few destinations you might consider exploring during your SunRail ride:
Historic Downtown Sanford shopping and dining. (A free shuttle will take you from the SunRail station to downtown Sanford
Downtown Lake Maryshopping and dining
Park Avenue in Winter Park
Loch Haven Park museums and theaters
Downtown Orlando shopping, dining, parks, galleries and museums
Beth's Burger Bar
Orlando Brewing (a real organic brewery)
Lucy Bleuz cafe
Bauern-Stube authentic German restaurant
Oak Ridge Gun Range
Florida Mall
Artegon Marketplace (Formerly Festival Bay Mall, now transformed into a unique marketplace for gifts, food, etc.)
We'll see you on The Rail!

#RideBlkFri to get 7-day SunRail train service

By riding we can show what weekend service would look like

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